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Project Manager
& Service Operations

Grand Prairie, Texas

"Unscheduled equipment breakdowns can really affect an operator’s business. We try to be as efficient and flexible as possible when providing service to customers."

"As an experienced fleet manager, I understand that regular maintenance and vehicle care is the key to keeping equipment performing at its best. That's why we're proud to offer our customers a full range of interval maintenance and repair services that can really help customers eliminate coach down situations. And, our experienced technicians have truly seen it all - they've got the know-how and expertise to turn out a quality product on time, every time!"

Andy Byars, Project Manager, Service Operations

Location Information

Address: 1702 S. Great Southwest Parkway
Grand Prairie, TX 75051
Phone: (800) 222-2877
(972) 206-1110
Fax: Sales: (972) 602-7333
Service: (972) 206-2262
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8-5

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Coach Sales
Clint Guth Senior Vice President
( Midwest Region & Canada )

Clint Guth
(714) 444-5806
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Greg Gates Senior Account Manager
( LA, MS, Southern TX )

Greg Gates
(817) 296-7404
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Bob Holloway Senior Account Manager
( AR, CO, KS, NM, OK, Northern TX )

Bob Holloway
(817) 296-2586
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Zane Gray Account Manager
( Southwest Region )

Zane Gray
(979) 777-7374
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Services / Operations
Ryan Whiteaker Service Manager
( Southwest Region )

Ryan Whiteaker
(972) 206-1110
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Andy Byars Project Manager & Service Operations
( Southwest Region )

Andy Byars
(972) 206-1110
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Parts Sales
Robert Wilson Territory Manager -
Parts Division
( AR, KS, OK, LA, MS, TX )

Robert Wilson
(865) 257-4085
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John Peckels Territory Manager -
Parts Division
( CO, NM )

John Peckels
(262) 510-7106
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CustomerCare / Tech Support
Daniel Flores Regional Product
Support Manager
( AR, CO, KS, OK, LA, NM, TX )

Daniel Flores
(877) 427-7278
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Nathan Zimmerman Regional Product
Support Manager
( MS )

Nathan Zimmerman
(877) 427-7278
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Shari Sanders Regional Finance Manager
( Southwest Region )

Shari Sanders
(507) 333-5112
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