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Grab ‘n Go

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ABC Companies has developed on-demand webcasts designed to provide you with technical information and the latest industry trends. Stay up-to-date by exploring the Grab ‘N Go videos from the comfort of your desk or phone. Click the button below for the complete playlist or check out the directory below for the most recent videos. Grab 'n Go Directory

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Vans & Shuttles

Small Vehicles, Big Rewards

Passenger vans and cutaway based shuttles provide the next level of flexibility and new opportunities for your business.  From converting versions of the most popular heavy duty passenger vans to starting with a chassis and creating a passenger compartment specific to your needs, ABC offers the flexibility your business demands.

A leader in the electrification of vehicle fleets with offerings up to 81 passengers, ABC offers both new zero emissions vehicles and the ability to convert existing vehicles to 100% battery electric power.  Simply identify the type of vehicle you need with electric power and we can build, repower, or source from one of our many suppliers.  For more information on the electric repower process click here.

Electric Repowered Options

Lightning Electric Transit Passenger Van

The Lightning Electric Transit passenger van is equipped with a state-of-the-art electric drivetrain which delivers the best efficiency of any vehicle in its weight class, while providing a quiet, smooth and familiar driving experience that your drivers - and passengers - will love.

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