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ABC Companies travels 2,500 zero emission miles with 69 passenger Van Hool TDX25E Battery-Electric Double Deck motorcoach using public charging

Winter Garden, FL – March, 2022, ABC Companies, a leading provider of motorcoach, transit and specialty passenger transport vehicles in the USA and Canada, today announced it has successfully completed a cross-country road trip aboard the battery-electric Van Hool TDX25E Double Decker motorcoach – demonstrating the vehicle range and strength of battery technology to meet the needs of motorcoach customers.

Beginning at ABC’s Winter Garden, Florida headquarters and ending at ABC’s Costa Mesa, California facility, the route included elevations in excess of 5,000 feet, passage through mountain crossings, and a variety of road and climate conditions over a distance of 2,500 miles. This is the company’s longest EV road test demonstration to date, surpassing a recently conducted 1,700-mile road test throughout the Northern California and Pacific Northwest region. The new EV double deck model completed [...]

Van Hool TDX25E

EV Meets Double Deck
TDX25E The world’s first all-electric double deck coach is now available in the United States. The TDX25E is also the largest electric passenger vehicle on the road today. Transport up to 69 passengers while reducing operating costs and carbon footprint. Recently road-tested in a 2,500-mile cross country trip from Florida to California. Passengers will enjoy the smooth and quiet ride of this exciting new addition to the trusted Van Hool line of coaches. The TDX25E is designed with a technologically advanced battery system by Proterra. Travel up to 260 miles on a full charge, the energy dense batteries hold a max charge of 676 kWh. Van Hool electric coaches use a Siemens power train. Over the past few decades Van Hool has built more than 1,200 vehicles with an electrical drive system. The high demand for zero emissions transportation does not require sacrificing comfort or optional luxury features. ABC Companies offers a variety of options to customize your vehicle for specific needs. ABC companies has experience with integrating EV’s providing their fleet electrification services for a variety of customers. Taking a holistic approach to the onboarding of electric vehicles, ABC offers critical integration assistance [...]

Charging Options

Solutions for Powering Your Fleet at Every Size

ABC Companies continues our legacy of evolving to support each customer’s needs. Staying on the cutting-edge of technology is imperative to our service-centered mission. We are proud to announce our partnership with industry leading experts ABB and ChargePoint, to deliver a variety of charging solutions for any EV fleet.

Recent growth in EV and charging manufacturing can pose an overwhelming number of options. The process of electrifying a fleet does not have to be intimidating. You can feel confident in your electrification journey with ABC and our industry leading partners.

If you have yet to choose which electric vehicles are right for your fleet, our team can help determine which vehicles and chargers are compatible.

Let our trained team evaluate your charging needs. Contact us today to get a personalized plan to power your fleet. Available Charging Options from With more than 135 years of heritage in electrification technology, ABB offers a world-class EV charging solutions for safe, smart, and reliable e-mobility – from the vehicle to the grid.ChargePoint’s global fleet solution portfolio includes everything fleets need to electrify and opti [...]
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