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Passenger vans and cutaway based shuttles provide the next level of flexibility and new opportunities for your business.  From converting versions of the most popular heavy duty passenger vans to starting with a chassis and creating a passenger compartment specific to your needs, ABC offers the flexibility your business demands.

We’re your full-service source when you want to find passenger vans for sale that fit your needs. We have the widest selection of electric passenger vans as well as diesel passenger vans for sale, all with a range of features and options. Because we’re not beholden to a single manufacturer, we can pair you with the vehicles that make the most sense for you. We also provide you with full support after the sale, including parts and service.

A leader in the electrification of vehicle fleets with offerings up to 81 passengers, ABC offers both new zero emissions electric shuttle buses for sale and the ability to convert existing vehicles to 100% battery electric power.  Simply identify the type of vehicle you need with electric power and we can build, repower, or source from one of our many suppliers.  For more information on the electric repower process click here.

New Electric Shuttles

Optimal S1 Lowfloor


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Low No Grant Eligible

Optimal E1 Electric Chassis

The S1LF integrates a quasi-purpose-built Ford E450 chassis platform, which has been fully optimized with the vehicle body and achieves a low step-in height without kneeling the suspension. The all-electric S1LF will feature an ADA compliant entry ramp for paratransit operations and a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 14,500 lbs., with no reduction in carrying capacity.
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Low No Grant Eligible

Optimal E1


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Low No Grant Eligible

Electric Repowered Options

Lightning eMotors Logo

Lightning Electric Transit Passenger Van

The Lightning Electric Transit passenger van is equipped with a state-of-the-art electric drivetrain which delivers the best efficiency of any vehicle in its weight class, while providing a quiet, smooth and familiar driving experience that your drivers – and passengers – will love. Download Flyer | View 360


  • Smooth, Quick and Quiet Battery-Electric Vehicle
  • Best Efficiency of any Class 3 Van
  • Elegant Cabin Integration with Batteries Fully Under the Floor
  • CARB and HVIP certified
Low No Grant Eligible
Base Chassis Ford Transit 350HD Passenger Van
GVWR 10,360 lbs
Minimum Wheelbase 148 in
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Compatibility Level 2 (6.6 kW) and Level 3 (up to 80 kW) with J1772 CCS Combo
Efficiency 61 MPGe / EPA City and 66 MPGe / EPA Highway
All Electric Range (confirmed in EPA-certified dyno test)* 140 miles 170 miles 250 miles
Battery Capacity 86 kWh 105 kWh Hydrogen fuel cell
Charge Time 11 hours (Level 2)
2 hours (Level 3)
13.5 hours (Level 2)
2.5 hours (Level 3)
Payload and Passenger Capacity** 15 passengers including driver
Maximum Speed 65 mph (electronically limited)
Peak Power 215 HP (160 kW)
Torque Rating (after transmission) 733 lb-ft (994 Nm)
Warranty • Base Chassis: Ford standard warranty
• EV Conversion: Lightning eMotors standard warranty
(Powertrain and battery 5 year / 60,000 miles)
Analytics • Preventive Maintenance • Range Analysis • Driver Behavior

Diesel/Gas Vans and Shuttles

battery electric power optional


The Odyssey family of buses provides a first-class travel experience on the Chevrolet and Ford chassis. With innovation, styling, and quality, the Odyssey shuttle bus is the best choice for churches, assisted living facilities, and airport shuttles to name a few. The Odyssey is a legacy model at Turtle Top and includes our five-sided steel cage and other standard equipment most consider optional. We stand behind the Odyssey with our excellent warranty, so cast worry and high operating cost aside. Download Flyer | View Floorplans | View 360

Max Capacity
(Incl. Driver)
Interior Height Raised Floor
Lowered Floor
Exterior Height
(Not incl. rooftop options)
Interior Width 94″
Exterior Width
(Not incl. mirrors)
Overall Length 23′-28′
Wheelbase 158″ – 200″
(up to)
Ground to First Step 12″
Step Riser Height Raised Floor
Lowered Floor
Step Run Depth 9″

Odyssey XL

The Odyssey XL shuttle bus and motorcoach series extend our most popular shuttle to provide up to 41 occupants with a great ride. These are available on the Ford F550 and Freightliner S2C chassis and provide top-notch road stability, passenger comfort, dependability, quality, and safety. Selecting the Odyssey XL increases passenger capacity for churches, colleges, city or county transportation authorities, assisted living services, cross-country touring companies, excursion companies, and many more transportation opportunities. Download Flyer | View Floorplans

XL (F550) XL (S2C)
Max Capacity
(Incl. Driver)
34 41
Interior Height 80″ 80″
Exterior Height
(Not incl. rooftop options)
125″ 127″
Interior Width 98″ 98″
Exterior Width
(Not incl. mirrors)
102″ 102″
Overall Length 29′ – 35′ 31′ – 39′
Wheelbase 205″ – 255″ 219″ – 296″
(up to)
19,500 26,000
Ground to First Step 10.5″ 9.5″
Step Riser Height 9″ 10.5″
Step Run Depth 10″ 9″

Terra Transit

The Terra Transit shuttle bus is an economical complement to Turtle Top’s mid-size fleet and is available on a Chevy or Ford Chassis. This straight sidewall version of the Odyssey maintains the same safety standards that Turtle Top incorporates in all models. This budget-sensitive Turtle Top product comes packed with standard equipment and a generous supply of options. With a variety of floor plans, it will meet your needs for storage, seating preference, and wheelchair accessibility. Quality construction and full roll cage with a 5-year warranty make this the most affordable and best overall value choice for safe, dependable transportation. Download Flyer | View Floorplans

Terra Transit LD Terra Transit MD Terra Transit HD
Max Capacity
(Incl. Driver)
17 26 34
Interior Height Raised Floor
Lowered Floor
Raised Floor
Lowered Floor
Exterior Height
(Not incl. rooftop options)
115″ 115″ 115″
Interior Width 82″ 94″ 94″
Exterior Width
(Not incl. mirrors)
84″ 96″ 96″
Overall Length 21′ 8″, 24′ 6″ 20′, 23′, 25′, 28′ 28′, 31′, 34′
Wheelbase 138″ – 156″ 138″ – 206″ 205″ – 235″
(up to)
11,000 14,500 19,500
Ground to First Step 10″ 12″ 10″
Step Riser Height Raised Floor
Lowered Floor
Raised Floor
Lowered Floor
Step Run Depth 9″ 9″ 8.5″


Our updated VanTerra enhances everything you love about our previous models with the technology and innovation of modern-day construction. The Turtle Top VanTerra is constructed on the Ford E-350 cutaway power train with either single or dual rear wheels. Your choice of floor-length gives flexibility for a variety of para-transit and luxury options.

This model incorporates a true five-sided structure that sets the standard in industry safety. The aerodynamic exterior and comfortable interior are enhanced by an enormous passenger front-view window and sophisticated lighting packages. The VanTerra truly remains at the head of its class. Download Flyer | View Floorplans

Max Capacity
(Incl. Driver)
Interior Height 75″
Exterior Height
(Not incl. rooftop options)
Interior Width 79″
Exterior Width
(Not incl. mirrors)
SRW – 82″ DRW – 96″
Overall Length 21′ 23′
Wheelbase 138″ 158″
(up to)
Ground to First Step 11.5″
Step Riser Height 9″
Step Run Depth 9″


The Turtle Top VT3 is established on the Ford Transit 3500 HD cutaway with gas or diesel options. The aerodynamic exterior and comfortable interior feature great driving visibility and sophisticated automotive styling. The extruded cage structure made of aircraft-grade 6360 aluminum provides superior strength. With improved fuel economy, this vehicle is a pleasure to drive down the road. The VT3 represents the state-of-the-art future of the shuttle bus industry. Download Flyer | View Floorplans

Max Capacity
(Incl. Driver)
Interior Height 75″
Exterior Height
(Not incl. rooftop options)
Interior Width 79″
Exterior Width
(Not incl. mirrors)
Overall Length 23′ 6″
Wheelbase 156″
(up to)
Ground to First Step 9.5″
Step Riser Height 10″
Step Run Depth 9″
Driverge Logo

Driverge Ford Transit Impressions Series

The Ford Impression Series transporter delivers comfort and safety combined with cost-efficient, stylish upgrades. It’s the perfect revenue-generating people mover for all types of group events, hotel guest transportation, guided tours, and much more.
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• Generous seating for up to 15 passengers (including driver)
• Trieste leathermate reclining seats provide comfort and style
• Luggage divider w/optional shelf for efficient cargo storage
• LED ambient lighting and Euro-style reading lights for personal use
• Emergency exit and ventilation roof hatch provides for rider safety
• Backlit dual USB ports at each row lets riders charge mobile devices
• Non-skid, wood grain vinyl flooring for look appeal and simple clean-up
• Molded wide step running boards lowers step height for smooth entry
• Entry assist handles and LED entry lighting for safer boarding
• Stainless steel wheel covers add style and refinement to your vehicle
• Rear slide-out step provides easier stowing and removal of luggage

Additional Options:
• HDMI TV with Blu-ray/DVD player
• High-capacity A/C
• Powered 12V electric cooler
• WiFi Internet connectivity
• Bus door entry

Driverge Ford Transit CurbSmart

Driverge’s patent pending Ford Transit CurbSmart® is designed to transport passengers with ease thanks to an added rear-entry doorway. Perfect for public transport and microtransit service, this van was designed with metro-area drivers in mind to make picking up and dropping off passengers as simple as possible.
Download Flyer | Floorplan

  • Patent pending, side-entry door for ambulatory passengers
  • Altro non-skid commercial flooring over SmartFloor flexible flooring system
  • Folding seats for multiple configurations
  • Side mounted 800 lb capacity ADA wheelchair lift
  • Retractable wheelchair tie-downs with storage bags
  • Entrance grab handle
  • First aid kit & 5 lb. fire extinguisher

Driverge Mercedes-Benz Smartliner

Driverge’s Mercedes-Benz Smartliner™ built on the Sprinter van is the ideal solution for businesses that move people – without all of the expensive upgrades that your riders don’t need. The Smartliner package features seating for up to 15 passengers in a center-aisle configuration, class-leading leg room, a luggage section in the rear, and all of the quality you would expect in Mercedes-Benz vehicle. It’s the perfect van for Hotels, Resorts, Tour Operators, Limo Companies, and Corporate Fleets that desire the Mercedes-Benz brand with smartly appointed amenities – at a price that’s competitive with other executive-style vans.
Download Flyer | Floorplan

  • 13 rear seats in black leatherette matching the front driver and passenger seats
  • Passenger preferred center aisle configuration for easier movement throughout the van
  • Black Altro non-slip commercial floor covering
  • Sleek black side steps at the driver door and sliding passenger door
  • Entrance-way step lighting for improved safety
  • Stainless steel stanchion pole at side of sliding door entrance
  • LED lights throughout brighten up the cabin
  • Stainless steel luggage corral and partition
  • Up to 41 cubic feet of luggage space
Frontrunner Logo

Born from the vision that transportation in the cutaway sized class should be better in every way, Frontrunner sets the new standard for fuel economy, convenience, safety, durability and passenger comfort. Download Flyer

Frontrunner by New England Wheels

  • Ram Promaster 3500 Cutaway
  • 9,350 lbs. GVWR
  • 24 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Single 800 CCA Maintenance-Free Battery
  • 220 AMP Alternator
  • Purpose-Built Low Floor made with High Strength, Lightweight Steel – 3 Times Yield Strength of Traditional Steel
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized Chassis for Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • 179.8” Wheelbase
  • 3.6L V6 Pentastar Gas Engine
  • 6-Speed Automatic Transmission with Overdrive
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • ABS
  • Heated/Remote Exterior Rear View Mirrors with Turn Signal
  • Extra Wide Rear Axle for Added Stability and Tight Turning Radius
  • Rear Self-Leveling Air Suspension with Kneeling
  • Patented Advanced Composite Body Structure
  • Meets All Applicable FMVSS as well as FMVSS 220 for School Buses
  • Fully ADA-Compliant
  • Exterior Length 22’ 8”
  • Exterior Width 96”
  • Exterior Height with Roof A/C 110”
  • Sandwich-Type Composite Side and Roof Panels with Embedded Pultruded Beams
  • Fixed Touring Windows – 46” x 41” with (1) 54” x 34” Egress Window per Side
  • Coosa Composite Subfloor Guaranteed not to Rot or Mildew for Life of Vehicle
  • ONLY Bus in its Class to Complete Altoona PASS/FAIL Test – 5 Years/150,000 Miles – Scored 91%
  • Fully Buy America Compliant
  • Available for FTA Procurements
  • Step-in Height of 10.75” with Standard Suspension or 9.75” with Optional 4-Corner Smart Air Suspension
  • LED Exterior Light Package
  • 41” A & M Electric Bi-Fold Door
  • Lightweight, High-Strength Gas Spring Assist Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp with 1:6 Ratio as Measured from the Door
  • LED Interior Light Package
  • Flexible Seating Up to 14 Ambulatory Passengers and 3 Wheelchairs
  • Interior Width 89.35”
  • Interior Height 87.8” Front / 76.6” Rear
  • Commercial Grade Non-Slip Transit Flooring
  • Freedman GO-ES 3-Point Seats
  • Freedman Wall Seats
  • RT6595 Roof-Top Air Conditioning and Heat with Temperature Sensor, 65,000 BTU Cooling and 95,000 BTU Heat
  • OEM Backup Camera
  • Bluetooth Capabilities
  • Q’Straint Q-8300 Deluxe Slide ‘n Click Wheelchair Restraints
  • 4-Corner ECAS Air Suspension with Kneeling
  • Ventura Electric Plug-Style Sliding Passenger Door with Exterior Door Switch
  • Security Cameras
  • Walker Rack
  • Destination Signs
  • Upgraded Upholstery
  • Luggage Rack
  • Electric Ramp with Single Lever Override
  • Q’Straint Q-UBE
  • Wireless Stop Request System Custom
  • Exterior Vinyl Wrap


What kind of financing options are available?

When you come to us to find transit passenger vans and shuttle buses for sale, you can rest assured that we will provide you with a full range of options to finance your new vehicle. Whether you choose to lease or purchase it outright, we will work closely with you to make sure it fits into your budget.

How much will a new shuttle cost?

With our vast inventory of passenger shuttle buses for sale from leading manufacturers, we have a vehicle for virtually any price point. These can range from several thousand dollars all the way up to the six-figure range. It really depends on what you’re looking for as well as the options and features you choose.

Is it better to buy new or pre-owned vehicles?

Buying new means you’ll be getting something with practically zero mileage and in the best possible condition. Purchasing a used vehicle means you’ll get a discounted price, but have to accept some wear and tear. It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend right now versus how long you’ll be able to keep your shuttle in service before needing to replace it.

Does the passenger count include the driver?

Yes. In general, the stated passenger count of the vehicles we sell includes the driver’s seat. Be sure to take that into consideration when making your selection.

While great effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site, errors do occur so please verify information with an account representative. 
Specifications are subject to change by manufacturer at any time.

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