ABC Companies Focuses on Preparing Operators for Post-COVID 19 Operations.

Introducing CLEANS Sanitization, Disinfection and Contact Limitation Products — Now Available.

As thousands of operators were forced off the roads in mid-March, ABC Companies turned its focus to shaping solutions that navigate the “how” of operating in this new reality. Putting effective safeguards and protocols in place designed to ensure the comfort and security of drivers and passengers will be paramount in the post-COVID environment. With the introduction of its new CLEANS (Contact Limitation & Eradication of Airborne Noxious Systems) program, ABC offers fleet owners a variety of products and services designed to thoroughly disinfect coaches and optimize cabin air quality while providing driver and passenger shielding and personal hygiene stations onboard fleet vehicles.

“As the economy restarts, demonstrating how operators can protect drivers and passengers will be a top priority in restoring traveler confidence”, says Thom Peebles, ABC Vice President of Marketing. “The new CLEANS suite of products and services gives fleet owners the [...]

From: Dane Cornell, Chief Executive Officer; Roman Cornell, President

RE: COVID-19 & CARES Act Update

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As a family owned and privately held business, ABC Companies recognizes the many hardships being put on our industry during this unprecedented time. While we continue work to safeguard our employees, customers and suppliers, we understand the challenge of simply staying abreast of the many changes impacting our business environment. With the funding that has become available through the CARES Act, we want to ensure that our industry and your business receives the share of support it deserves.

Just like you, we are analyzing the specifics of the CARES Act provisions. As detailed documentation becomes available, we encourage you to discuss and investigate the provisions of this Act with your legal, tax and accounting advisors before making any decisions. After our initial analysis, we have identified some areas of the Act we believe may be [...]

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